The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Society

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Being born in the 90’s social media didn’t really exist at the time. Internet was created in 1992 and most people “raced to get a PC in every household was on. And, by 1995, the site that may have been the first to fulfill the modern definition of social networking was born” (Trends 2014). Some of the first social media sites created were classmates, Sixdegrees, AsianAvenue, MiGente, and BlackPlanet. But for people in my generation remember when MySpace first came out and that was what everyone was using at the time. Then after a while it started to die out and eventually everyone stopped using it because Facebook was the new social media to meet people, stay connected, and everyone would post on there so people could stay up to date. Literally…show more content…
We are able to do so much more that back in time people couldn’t do and if you would ask them they would say that we were crazy because we have come a long way with technology. Another positive about social media is that as long as you have access to any type of electronic device that has Internet you can download applications or use the World Wide Web to access any social media a person has. A great thing about social media is that people don’t think at times and if someone tries to do something illegal and they post it on social media they can find the person in a matter of second. Social media has also helped police find people because of locations that social media have added so if someone goes missing they can see where they last were. Also there have been cyber terrorist and other terrorists that have been caught because of postings or messages that have been traded with one another of the things they planned on doing and were taken into custody before they did anything to harm people or take over the internet. Also social media is a good source to keep up to date with world news because there are updates on worldwide news and events that are taking place because they know people will see them and can be aware. Social media is a good place to promote products or help if someone is trying to…show more content…
But now because of social media anything that a person does can be placed on social media to be seen everyone all over the world. Then, once people see this, the person that is targeted usually gets bullied over social media, which is called cyber bullying. Social media has also taken deprived children of being physically active and most people have started to become antisocial. According to Press (2014) “There are people who can’t even write their own name and they are only able to recognize himself and people by their pictures … [but] constantly check their Smartphone’s for status updates”, which shows how addicted people have become. Social media is now considered the number distraction and has caused many people to die in car accidents because people think they can multitask and because they take their eyes off the road for a few second to check their phones. Then in an instant something tragic happens when that could have avoided by waiting. A few other negative things about social media are that there are people out there using fake profiles so they can do illegal things and try to harm others. Because social media creators try to make their application or site the best they keep doing updates that give out more personal information about the person. But that’s not always a good thing because people out there stalk or

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