The Negative Effects Of Social Media For Kids And Parents

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Have you ever thought how harmful social media is for kids and the parents? Ellen Goodman’s essay “Family Counterculture” has a message in which she calls todays culture “an increasingly hostile environment” for kids. Her claim is not only well explained and backed up with proof but plenty of parents that I know have said the something or something similar about social media. Social media can lead to many unpleasant things that can cause a parent to frustrate, it can cause their kids to pick up bad habits, can cause kids to be depressed, and cause kids to be brainwashed by ads. Because kids in this generation over use social media it creates many problems for them and their parents. Social media can be used for good things but in this generation,…show more content…
Kids can easily become depressed of social media for various reason. Most common reasons are cyberbullying or when a kid compares themselves with others. There have been many tragedies of young innocent kids harming themselves. As social media get expands things become worst. A 2013 University of Michigan study found that the more time an individual spends on social media their life satisfaction level decline. Kids also compare themselves to other social media stars. That can be very critical for kids because that can cause them to be depressed because they don’t look a certain way or have certain things. Social media will not change, there will always be something that is harmful depending on the…show more content…
It always businesses to push products to certain demographics whether they like it or not. Although social media is the most important and common source of communication nowadays, it leaves parents with frustration. Parents can frustrate for many reasons. Ads are the most common reason why parents are frustrating. The majority of ads are focused on kids. Those ads are no good for kids, it’s just a business strategy to try to brainwash kids to buy their products whether it’s good or bad for kids. The majority of ads make a product seem like it good for everyone when really, it’s the opposite. There are many junk food ads all over social media making it seem like their food is a life changing element. For example, we have sneakers with their ads making it seem that after eating one you will be changed instantly. Kids don’t realize how bad they are because they are just being shown what the business thinks will make them want to buy their

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