The Negative Effects Of Sexting In The Modern Society

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Although the term “sexting,” to send or receive a sexually explicit text or image via cell phone (Merriam-Webster), is relatively new, the act of sending such content has occurred for numerous years. However, in today’s world, especially in Western culture, society is pushing for more exposure of the body, body confidence, and socialization. The factors of sexting and its burdensome effects have greatly touched the lives of young teens, adults, and families by exposing a loved one. Its outburst effect has led to the assessment of sexting’s negative outcomes and the reasoning behind why they are being sent in the first place. When sexting is looked at from all angles, it guides the awareness that the repercussions of sexting such as the objectification…show more content…
The idea of sexting can be considered very attractive because it allows for immediate gratification and permits young teens to explore their sexual freedom instantaneously. In a culture where the desire to get what you want when you want it is instilled in people, it will have its same effect on the way the youth feels about sexuality. The quick “sexting” interaction between two people at any time of the day gives them the instant satisfaction at the click of a button. Although it may immediately satisfy sexual urges, the repercussions that come by not considering the outcomes are far greater. For example, when a woman releases a photo of herself, it will most likely end up in the hands of several people around her. As her body is being tossed around through the use of cell phone, she is being objectified. While she may believe she is getting fulfillment from people’s admiration, it is doing the opposite. Men or others that are viewing her photo are now thinking of her essentially as a piece of meat and as an item that solely serves a sexual purpose. In April of 2014, an Instagram account was found that contained around 100 nude pictures of girls from two different public…show more content…
The majority of girls that send nude pictures are usually sending them to their boyfriend or to a boy they wanted to be their boyfriend (Rosin). Therefore, those who participate in sexting are looking for acceptance from that one specific person. If it regards a boy that the girl is interested in, she is hoping for a connection and perhaps the start of a relationship. However, what is sometimes not understood by this generation is that once a naked picture has been sent, that individual is allowing for a disconnection by letting go of his or her image and putting it in the hands of several people. Through this mentality, there is no intimacy of a relationship. As several people are observing his or her body, they are gaining an identity through the opinions of other people because of their voluntary decision to expose themselves. At an age where the search for identity is so prevalent, sexting takes an immense psychological toll on how individuals perceive themselves. While this identity is being formed, a reputation is also growing. Legally speaking, if a minor takes and sends a naked picture of himself or herself to another minor, they have committed three felony crimes: distributing, possessing, and promoting child pornography (U.S. Sexting Laws). Also, if a legal adult has access to a naked picture of

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