The Negative Effects Of Road Congestion

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Congestion is a financial model used to charge road users more for the negative effects its by-products causes the economy, which impacts on the environment such as air pollution, visual intrusion, number of accidents, gas emissions, increases in number of vehicles which worsen congestion, lost time through traveling in town, wasted fuel and vehicle wear and tear..
Windhoek’s inhabitants are increasing with 3, 4% annually or from 650,000 to 1 million in 2030, therefore the city fathers should implement counteracts. More pressure will be put on the provision of housing to provide for people migrating from rural to urban areas. There is already a huge shortage of housing in the country and specifically Windhoek, therefore Government has embarked on the mass housing initiative. A person migrates to look for better standards of living, better education, health facilities, and better work opportunities. However, it has negative effects such as social deterioration, alcohol and drug abuse, increase in crime, congestion in shops and streets.
The local transport system is determined by private cars, taxi’s minibuses and supplemented by an insufficient bus system of COW. Road pricing is an acceptable norm in CBD’s; therefore stakeholders have a mammoth task to correct the situation, which was partly created by the colonial regime and poor planning. Congestion could be addressed by: 1) reverting excess transport supply which causes shortages; 2) prohibit access to certain main streets in the CBD and to reduce or divert traffic flows in city centres; 3) create one-way streets to redirect traffic flows smoothly during peak periods; 4) considering discounts for cars having low fuel emissions and vice versa as well as the effect that climate ch...

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...ion policy to all regions throughout the country.
If transport is provided for free, people will demand more – at a waste – in relation to paying for it yourself. If the above is achieved, billions could be spent on road safety, widening of existing roads, build new access roads and bridges.
The rejection of this principle is mainly due to social and political acceptability. Dissatisfaction is chiefly due to the inequalities basis and fears that revenue would become another fruitless expense by those in charge. Perception is another evil which is hampering these important efforts by the City of Windhoek and Government. People should be sensitized as well as continuously educated on these matters to make implementation easier.
The problem of congestion in Windhoek can be resolved through concerted efforts, though at a cost.
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