The Negative Effects Of Racism In America

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The United States proudly claims to be post-racial America, but it is not even close. Although, actions have been made towards racial equality in the country such as the establishment of the Thirteenth Amendment, the abolition of Jim Crow laws, and the Civil Rights Act. However, this post-racial concept is a mythical idea created to devalue the nation’s ongoing racial disparities. Racism exists immensely within the U.S. and has a detrimental impact specifically on African Americans in different ways. To continuously decrease the negative effects of racism on African Americans, the government should provide reparations for the descendants of slaves living in America, make African Americans studies mandatory in schools, and fine institutions…show more content…
It can be traced all the way back to the process of enslavement of African Americans. Proslavery colonists’ strategy to get support and justify making Africans slaves was by stating that they were of a different race, inferior, and conceptualizes that they were built for slavery (Smedley 1). In addition to this, proslavery colonists used race to enforce social separation, endogenous mating, and unequal social status (Smedley 2). Although slavery has ended, the alleged form of social identity, race, has since begotten racism which takes many forms and helps determine who has political power, privileges, and wealth. Racism has its own unique definition aside from race, but it is still rooted from it. Social worker Carlos Hoyt Jr. researched racism to be defined as a form of oppression that is not only a personal ideology, but also a system involving cultural messages, institutional policies and practices as well as the beliefs and actions of others (qtd. in Hoyt 5). The four main types of racism include internalized racism, interpersonal racism, institutionalized racism, and structural racism (“Four Types of Racism” 1). The types of racism that effect African Americans the most are interpersonal and
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