The Negative Effects Of Plastic Surgery Diminishes Overall Health

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Plastic Surgery Diminishes Overall Health
As there are many advancements in the medical field, a perfect body like many celebrities are attainable with a couple thousand dollars through plastic surgery. However, how many of those people feel that their life has changed for the better? Society is being reformed to fit the standards media poses as it plays a huge role in many lives) Media is not the only problem people face every day. It includes judgment of coworkers, bullying, religion and environmental pressure. These problems cause people to look to plastic surgery for answers. All the same, plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes should be eliminated, as it poses more detrimental aspects to one 's overall health than is beneficial.
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The pressure that involves attaining the "ideal" body is not because of their own desire, but what their environment or society desires. It mentally causes breakdown to occur within teenagers, only causing harm to their overall health; something they are trying not to achieve when going through plastic surgery. In the world we live in today, adolescents are overexposed to many celebrities, through the means of magazines, blogs, social media, and news. Due to this over exposure there is an extensive celebrity influence on the youth, causing them to only see what they do not have. In 2013, the English National Health Service reports, "60 per cent of girls aged 11 to 16 saying they felt some pressure to look the way celebrities do" (Braun B7). At ages 11 to 16, girls need to be giving importance to other aspects in their life such as talents, academics, or athletics. Instead, the influence of today 's celebrities makes girls only worry about their appearance, which should not be their number one priority all the time.…show more content…
This is especially true with cosmetic surgeries. One of the bigger surgeries when it comes to cosmetics is breast augmentation; though thousands of women go through this surgery, no one takes into consideration the side effects that come with it. As stated by National Cancer Institute, women who receive breast implants, "twice as likely to die from brain cancer, three times as likely to die from lung cancer, and four times as likely to commit suicide, as compared to other plastic surgery patients" (Willhate 15). Due to recent study, it shows how breast implants negatively impact the body, with its links to cancer. However, these are one of the few problems that women who receive breast implants have. Many women get breast implants to improve their overall appearance and boost their self-esteem but fail to realize how it will affect them physically, in the long run. Along with breast augmentation, liposuction is another risky surgery. The risk of death under liposuction is determined by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which includes, "poor patient health, excessive fat removal, too much fluid and local anesthesia used during the procedure, performing multiple procedures along with liposuction in a single surgical session, especially under

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