The Negative Effects Of Plastic Surgery

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Humans are social animals by nature. There is an ever-present urge to assimilate into society for person gain or comfort regardless of a person’s place of birth. Through personal observations, in both the Western and Eastern cultures, the region a person is brought up does not definitively matter when it concerns physical insecurities or how someone goes about remodeling themselves. Some go about change through adapting their dietary habits and fitness regimes to achieve their ideal body, but in other cases, a person’s ideal is not achievable through natural means. At that stage, if someone is willing, they can turn to cosmetic surgery to sate their desires of the perfect body. This course of action is not recommended. Plastic surgery is detrimental …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that plastic surgery is detrimental to the individual and subsequently to modern society with how frequent the media promotes highly specific traits to even be considered beautiful.
  • Argues that the speed at which ideas are shared is astounding, but also dangerous, as it disconnects with the naturally occurring shapes and sizes found in humans.
  • Argues that the idea that beauty is malleable causes more people to fall into the trap that can help push a person to consider plastic surgery.
  • Explains that east asians have incredible specialized definitions of beauty, such as pale skin, skinny body, small faces, a v-line chin, prominent nose bridge, and double eyelids.
  • Opines that the risks involved with cosmetic surgery can outweigh the positives. in western and eastern culture, there are stigmas against those who have chosen to undergo surgery for purely aesthetic reasons.
  • Concludes that the examples used are from two very different cultures, but their converging point is how prevalent the effects of cosmetic surgery are.

The classic stories such “The Princess and the Frog” and “The Ugly Duckling,” pervade the thought that one can become beautiful and loved even if the person was originally an ugly creature; therefore encouraging the concept of beauty being pliable. In a study at Oklahoma State University, by Melissa Burkley et al, they found women who believed in the malleability of beauty are more susceptible to concerns about their appearances in a world dominated by strict and fantastical notations of beauty. Thus, Burkley et al. argues a “causal implications of our second study suggest that stories or magazine articles that communicate a message of malleable beauty may in fact set women up for future appearance concerns” (478). Those who view beauty as fixed are typically more content with their appearance than their malleable beauty believer counterpart since they are not a susceptible to worrying about their …show more content…

Idolization of certain physical trends can negatively affect how one feels and looks at oneself. While plastic surgery may be the easiest and possibly the quickest agent of change, the physical and psychological risks need to be acknowledged. The collective group should be made aware of all the risks of plastic surgery before being sucked into the whirlpool of vanity without a lifeline. People do not understand the incredible pain and everlasting effects cosmetic surgery can cause. It is permanently changing parts of ones body without the convenience of an undo

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