The Negative Effects Of Parental Engagement With Children's Education

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Effects of Parental Engagement My parents supported me in education in several subjects while I was in Elementary school. My mom always taught me the basics of the subjects I learned, and made me easier to organize the concepts of the classes. All the fundamentals in any subjects you learn when you are young is very significant after all for stepping up your skills. Parental engagement is really effective for children’s education for preparing their future, and also affects their life in certain ways. There are some significant effects of parents engaging with children’s education, such as their job career, and their behavior.

First, job career is one of the effects of parents engaging with children’s education. “Parental Involvement During
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“Parental Involvement in Schools” (2013) mentions that children who those are engaged with their parents in their education have better behavioral, better achievements in school, and have a higher potential to graduate high school compared to children who those are not engaged with their parents. This means that children’s behavior are affected by parental engagement in education, which is very significant for their life. For example, children who have behavioral issues could have higher possibilities of committing a crime would be unsuccessful in their life. Also, having better achievements in school could affect your life in certain ways, such as job career. Parental engagement in education may also affect children’s possibilities to graduate high school. These effects by parental engagement are influent to children’s behavior, which lead to children’s future. As a result, behavior is one of the effects of parents engaging with children’s…show more content…
This way, parents could recognize deeper about the school and their children’s performance in school. As John H. Wherry notes, “Families have never participated in (school-related) meetings/committees and are unaware of the importance of their role. Families are unaware of opportunities to participate as well as applicable procedures and policies. Some parents have language barriers. Staff are not ready to work with families in new ways. Schools do not provide practical advice to parents about what they can do to help children learn. Schools do not alert parents as soon as their child begins to have problems.” (The Barriers to Parental Involvement – And What Can be Done: A Research Analysis, 2009, p.1). The issue of lacking parental engagement is because parents are not realizing enough about inside of the school, and the reason is that there are no places or times to let the parents watch their children’s performance in school directly, and it is very difficult have all the parents to participate in school meetings by various problems. Having an assembly hall and engaging with the teachers and children together could give parents more information about the school make them easier to engage with their children’s
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