The Negative Effects Of Media Violence And Violence In The Media

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Violence is an act of damaging other belongings forcefully, it is generally done by the use of physical force. It impacts the society as a whole and disturbs the peace of the society. People do what they feel is right, its legitimacy is no more important to them. Violence is done psychically and psychologically.
Media is most powerful tool which change the mindset of People. Media have big influence in society and control people’s lives specially youth because youth pick the media content faster. Even Youth picks every action of media from their style to their fashion sense. Media give awareness to society but sometimes media shows such a content which brings negativity in the society. Media give awareness to society but sometimes
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Large and diversified samples are used to carry out various researches and the impact varies from minimal to extreme. Short term exposure to it increases the possibility of aggressive behavior in an individual. Aggressive scripts are run by the media and it makes people more violent and slowly reducing their response to violence and making them more emotionless. Preventative measure can be taken from parents and reduction of access towards media violence reduces its impact but it cannot be eliminated completely. Violence is now becoming an integral part of modern day media and youth is spending excessive time on watching it. A reduction in exposure to violent media will reduce its impact but still it is unclear what type of involvement is required to reduce its impact. More extensive researches are required for the better understanding of psychological process and eventually lead to the reduction of media violence impact.( Villani;2001) expresses her opinion that various media categories mainly movies, music, advertisement, video games, internet etc. Violent and aggressive behavior is an after effect of excessive exposure to the media and it even increases the use of alcohol and cigarette among the…show more content…
Especially in teenage group this type of violence affect them and mostly time it leads to aggressive behavior. And some of the time media violence is main reason which involve teenager in criminal activities like domestic violence, harassment and street crime.(Strasburger;2004) states that media influence the people a lot, sometime in positive way and sometime in negative way. He further add that from past few years media is influence a people very much. People do the mostly things which they see on media. He further says if anyone see the violence in media than he/she apply that to their lives and many times its cause major issues like eating disorders, aggressions
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