The Negative Effects Of Marijuana Smoking

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Marijuana Smoking
Today, the issue of drug abuse is a serious problem facing the world. Many people die each day from using drugs. Drugs affect the brain, which makes drug users addicted to this thing after a period of positive for (What). These drugs have a number of harms on human body. In this paper, I will focus on one kind of drug spread among people, which is marijuana. Research find that smoking marijuana has many negative effects on human’s health, interaction in the community, their financial problem and their family. So for these reasons, people should not use marijuana.
In the first place, using marijuana has the greatest effect on the health. For example, it affects the brain and lungs. Much research found that people
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Marijuana use affects school work or performance, and social life. The academic performance of marijuana addicts might be affected as they may become academically awkward. Marijuana has an effect on the brain and this leads students who are smoking marijuana to have such boor academic behavior. For example, marijuana addiction has a significant impact on the student’s ability to do well in school because they do not have the ability to concentrate. It leads them to absenteeism and delays on classes. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, much research show that students who use drugs have less education than their peers who do not use it. For instance, 48 studies found that there is relationship between low academic rates and marijuana addiction (par 9). Furthermore, it leads them to fail in their professional lives. They are more likely to have low productivity at work their behavior in workplace might even change, which may affect their performance. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2015), a study conducted on employees who use marijuana, and who work in post office before acceptance of them in work found that more than half of percent work incident, 85 percent injuries and more than third of fourth who are absent (par 9). In summary, people under marijuana abuse have problems interacting in a society and have problems in their academic and professional…show more content…
They believe if they use marijuana, it helps them to forget many things including their problems, and they think it helps them to solve sleep’s problems. What these people do not realize is that marijuana causes addiction, which almost always leads to more problems. Some of these problems have already been mentioned in this paper, and another problem is lack of sleep. According to Kashmira Gender (2014) “people who used cannabis in their early teens are twice as likely to have severe sleeping problems in later life, according to a new study, while the results suggested that marijuana use can negatively effect sleep quality in any user, it was most frequent in people who had used the drug since they were 15-years-old or younger.” (par 1,2). They do not know that the repeat use of drug causes the addiction, and it causes strikes and many sleep problems such as
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