The Negative Effects Of Internet On The Internet

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“People are very reluctant to talk about their private lives but then you go to the Internet and they’re much more open (Internet Quotes).” Paulo Coelho mentioned this on the topic of meeting strangers online. In a society so dependent on electronic communication, children are only accepted by making online connections. This means they will go to great lengths to have large numbers of people watching them on social media; adults tend to do the same. Children learn by observing our behavior. Acting as if a day without an online connection will ruin our civilization would corrupt the child’s mind, thus making them think the Internet is the most vital object. Of course, there are dangers when one allows a child onto the web. Without proper education on the dangers in the online world, children may fall into a trap and become potential victims. In order to have a well-rounded youth, parents must express healthy role modeling by teaching them how to identify dangerous interactions and carefully monitoring the web history to protect children from online threats.…show more content…
These are people who see the negative effects the web has on children. Early childhood experiences such as abduction, abuse, or other assault can have serious trauma to the victim. Trauma may include sleeping disorders, eating disorders, ADHD, anxiety, hostility, and many other psychological injuries (Stress Related Disorders Caused by Early Life Experiences). These traumas caused by negative online experiences can easily be avoided if there is more control over the Internet. Rather than speaking to their kids about the harms of the Internet, some parents want to ban the web from their children altogether. Kids are smart, however, and will figure out ways to defy this rule. No matter how much we try to fight it, children will always be online one way or another, this makes it hard to monitor the irresponsible acts of
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