The Negative Effects Of Gender Roles In Society

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Gender is a social contrast, an idea more than anything else. And yet we let the sex that another person was born as decide how we judge, and perceive them. Society has conditioned children to assume at an early age that gender is in black and white terms, male or female, and that each of the two genders has a role to play in society that should not be ignored. According to the one of the most popular search engines Google, gender is defined as “The state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).” This definition further proves that gender is a social construct, meant to show the difference between males and females, and to create for them a society based solely on…show more content…
I believe that gender roles are effecting and hindering the growth of individuals because they implement different types of behavior stereotypes, attitudes, and job placement. One of the stereotype implemented by gender roles is behavior. Boys are taught to be loud and empowered, act tough, do the heavy lifting, and be the handy man. While girls are taught to be the caregiver, to be quite and gentle, and to be the cook. We allow boys and girls to behave differently based solely on gender, boys are often allowed more room to act irrational, and to do things that would be deemed unacceptable if they were performed by girls. While girls are supposed to be balanced, yet overemotional, never doing things that would be deemed dirty. And the enforcement of these “gendered” behaviors are not without consequences. However, some still claim that these behavior associated with one of the “two” genders are involuntary, and that the behavior is not encourages or reinforced. Also that “boys will be boys” and that if this behavior was encouraged there is no lasting effects on from it. Yet in a 2001 research article "Gender role stress in relation to shame, guilt, and externalization.…show more content…
This type of gender stereotyping is clearly due to gender roles, women are in the kitchen and men are in the work place. Moreover, in a similar article in The Washington Post “I’m an Engineer, Not a Cheerleader. Let’s Abandon Silly Rules about Gender Roles." author Sara Sakowitz, explains her teenage struggles with gender roles and how people perceive her based solely on the fact she is a woman. Sakowitz states that “Instead of imaginary genetic weaknesses, girls battle false portrayals of female scientists in the media and fight against the unconscious, unspoken rule that only men belong as the leaders of the world” (Sakowitz 1). Both articles explain the struggles that women face due to gender expectancy, and covey a compelling point that gender roles are getting us nowhere. Overall, gender roles are an unnecessary thing. Instead of arguing whether or not they cause harm to individuals we should look for a way to fix them. We should encourage boys to cry and show their emotions, and encourage girls to have any job

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