The Negative Effects Of Fast Food And Fast Food

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Nowadays, the society is very developing, so people are busier with their schedules. Their demand about meals are changing because they need to have fast and convince meals instead of enjoying at a restaurant. Fast food restaurants are cheaper and faster than other restaurants, so people often go to fast food restaurants every day. Despite its convenience, fast food can be very dangerous to people if they consume it day by day, which is why people should be cared about the risks and effects of it. From that people can live a healthy lifestyle. Why do people eat fast food too much, and what does fast food have effects on people, especial youth?
The first reason why people eat fast food too much is the developing of fast food restaurants and
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Fast food that contains high amounts of sodium, cholesterol, calories, and fat is the cause of reason can cause many diseases for people such as obesity and high blood pressure. Being obese does not only lower our self-esteem, it can also increase risks of hypertension, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, diabetes and some types of cancer. In an article, the author said that “While fast food, and especially the fast-food hamburger, has become a staple of the modern American diet, may critics charge that it causes a variety of public health problems, different environmental concerns, and an excessive homogenization of both American culture and other societies throughout the world. Many medical researchers contend that fast food typically gives consumers excessive fat and little nutritional value, leading to numerous obesity-related health problems”(Hogan). In fact, fast food is very popular in America. There are many fast food restaurants in the America such as: In-n-Out, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., McDonald’s, etc. So, it affects very much on their life and health. The number of people being obesity is rising. Moreover, in developing countries such as America, people are very busy with their schedules, so fast food is the best choice to save time and money. They eat fast food too much. As a result, they are met many problems for their health such as: high blood pressure, obesity, and…show more content…
They choose to eat fast food instead of eating at home or sitting at a restaurant. Especially, youngsters for whom a fast food center is a good place to hang out with friends. This is a reason that makes decrease the amount of time where people can talk about everything that happen to them, tell happy stories, and share their experiences. Family meal time is an opportunity for all the members to come together and share their experiences. However, family tradition as eating together is lost. According the article “Proximity of Fast-Food Restaurants to Schools and Adolescent Obesity”, “We found that students in California were heavier and more likely to be overweight or obese if their school was located within one half mile of a fast-food restaurant.” Thus, the parents should pay attention that “patterns are consistent with the idea that fast food near schools affects students ' eating habits, overweight, and obesity”( Davis, Christopher). Almost fast food industries put their location near schools, business, mall, etc. Studying near fast food restaurants is one of the main reasons that change in eating habit of students. When they study all day at school, fast food is the first choice to buy something to eat because it is cheap and convenient. This lead to change their eating habits. Instead of sitting to eat at a restaurant, they choose fast food. Moreover, many people
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