The Negative Effects Of Divorce In Today's Society

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In today’s society it is common to meet a person who has experienced a parents’ divorce. Due to my own experience of coming from a divorced family, I have also met several children who have the same experience as I do. The increase of divorce is becoming the norm among families. It has become fairly easy to get a divorce in today’s world. Many parents have different views on whether divorce is bad or good. Contrary to the claim of parents views that divorce causes negative effects on children, divorce should be accepted in today’s society in order for the children to grow up in a peaceful environment, bonding with their parents in a neutral ground.
The ideal roles of women have changed greatly in the past decades. In the past, women were expected
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However, it is better to get a divorce and explain to the children why this choice is necessary rather than staying in a bad marriage. There are positive outcomes for the children after the completion of divorce. First, children are emotionally free of their parents fighting with one another. The child gets to be with each parent separately for one on one time. The Huffington Post blog by Brette Sember states, It’s not always perfect but two homes without fighting is almost always better than one filled with arguments and marital tension” (Sember). When parents do not get along it tends to negatively impact the child emotionally. When the child sees the parent at a separate house the tension is gone and the child is free to be happy and play like a child should be doing. Second, children learn that cooperation is an important focus that matters. Sembers states “Parents who choose to mediate their divorce show their children that working together to find a solution is preferable to fighting against each other” (Sember). When a child pays attention to his or her parents cooperating in order to make their divorce process easier is teaching the child that fighting is not the route to take when you can negotiate and work through problems that may arise. Even though the parents are divorcing, it gives the child an outlook to a happy future because his or her parents are
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