The Negative Effects Of Cyber Bullying In Today's Society

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Bullying is a global phenomenon impacting today’s society in so many ways. Not only does bullying or harassment happen in someone’s own town but in the whole United States, in other countries, and the whole world. Bullying happens most among teenagers and children as young as the age of five. With social media and technology being an important part of teens’ lives, it can be used as a weapon to the cause of cyber bullying. In other countries where technology is not commonly used, verbal and physical bullying will be the two biggest types of bullying methods used. In many online cases about bullying the end result in most of the cases is suicide, where in the United States the third leading cause of young people dieing is suicide due to any…show more content…
Bullying is an imbalance of power between the bully and the victim. The victim tends to not fight back and will know who the bully is. The act is usually done in a physical manner where the bully will feel comfortable and have power. On an online article Teens against bullying the publisher explains that “While bullying can result in reluctance to go to school and truancy headaches, stomach pains, reduced appetite, shame, anxiety, irritability, aggression, and depression are also frequent effects.” Physical bullying involves hitting, shoving, or pushing with force with the intent to hurt the victim. Bullies often target people who are shy and quiet because they become an easy victim due to the fact that they will do nothing in return and oftenly do not speak up.Verbal bullying involves the use of hurtful words, teasing, and making the victim feel less of themselves. Harassment can happen anywhere and it can happen more than once. It is considered a criminal act and can be based on any type of reasoning. In this situation the victim often fights back making the harasser want to keep bothering the victim. The intent is to intimidate the victim so the harasser has a feeling of control. Girls often harass more than boys, where boys bully more than girls do. Harassment can lead to an intimate level of discomfort between the victim and…show more content…
Some examples of cyberbullying are mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by text or posted on social media sites, and embarrassing pictures or videos taken and uploading them without the approval of the person in them. Cyberbullying can happen at any time of the day since it is via internet. Posts and images can be posted anonymously and distributed quickly amongst hundreds of people. This is why news gets around quickly between students because they all have one another on some type of social media and see the same thing as well as sharing what they believe is funny or worth seeing. Cyberbullying can have legal consequences and involve jail time if it gets to a severe level like the victim committing suicide. When all these types of of bullying are combined it makes the victim feel worthless and helpless because they can not stop it. Many bullying cases have the same tragic ending of suicide for the poor victim. Kids who are bullied are often more likely to skip school, have health problems, get poor grades, and have a low self esteem. The victim will try to hide the fact that they are getting bullied with fear that something may go wrong because they chose to speak up. On an online article What is Cyber Harassment posted on the site it states that “Cyber harassment is when a child, pre teen, or teen is tormented, threatend, harassed, humiliated,

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