The Negative Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Sexual assault impacts all races, societies, ages, and monetary classes. The upsetting actuality is that sexual assault has progressively become one of the quickest growing crimes in the United States of America. Due to the social disgrace attached to these sorts of violations, a large number of these cases go un-reported. When we think of sexual assault we typically associate that with women, however, men have also been targets what’s very surprising is that a lot of the male survivors do not identify themselves as victims. In order to explore the data the main focus of this study is to educate and inform others about the experiences of the male survivors that have been exposed to childhood sexual abuse and their current interactions with…show more content…
Childhood sexual abuse is defined as “sexual assault between a youth and an older person in which the domination of the older person is used to exploit the youth for sexual stimulations” (Martin, Campbell, & Hansen, 2010, p. 1481). Through research numerous men suffer from negative effects such as personality disorder, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. A portion of the male victims in some way tries to cope strategies such as workaholism, alcoholism, overeating, and compulsive sexual behavior with women or by reacting the abuse with other men (Alaggia & Millington,…show more content…
For purposes of the current study, the researcher defines resilience as the ability to adapt to harsh or difficult situations and environments, willingness to engage future situations and relationships rather than avoid them, and ability to thrive whatever the situation or environment (Werner-Wilson, Zimmerman & Whalen 2000). For instance, numerous demonstrate strength by helping other people, drawing attention to the issue, reconnecting with others, learning to trust again, and accepting painful feelings and growing from them. The current study that researchers used was on the grounds of Relational Cultural Theory to ensure empowerment and empathy in the data collected. The examination gathered, concentrated entirely on the men’s sexual assault experience. Participants were recruited to meet a following criteria 1. Adult male 2. Experienced childhood sexual assault 3. Self-report of being resilient to childhood sexual abuse 4. Married or in a committed relationship 5. Free of significant mental health challenges. (Hays & Singh, 2012) Due to the strict criteria’s only five couples were approved Mike and Amy, James and Delia, Doug and Donna, Steve and Ali, and Peter and Valerie. The participants were interviewed individually and with their female partner for roughly 90 minutes.

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