The Negative Effects Of Caffeine

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Caffeine has become the most common drug in our society’s diet. While primarily used as a stimulant for work environments, it has also become a staple in households of North America. These products that contain caffeine are consumed by many without thought of the negative impact it has. Some would consider these side effects a risk not worth taking, but others believe it is up to the individual to make this decision. From this a debate is born on whether or not caffeine should be regulated. While some believe caffeine needs to be regulated due to side effects, others would protest that caffeine should not be regulated due to benefits. In my opinion, caffeine should be regulated for specific consumers due to the negative effects. The one’s…show more content…
The withdrawal symptoms associated with caffeine are lethargy and headaches for multiple days until fading away. Some people reason these symptoms to be too mild for concern. Caffeine poisoning can include symptoms of “confusion, fever, hallucinations, convulsions, irregular heartbeat, and ever death.” The possibility of overdose on caffeine is highly unlikely as it would take 50 cups of coffee in a small period of time. Because of the abnormally high dose it takes to suffer these symptoms, many believe caffeine is safe in moderation. This arguments trusts the individual to be safe and consume caffeine in…show more content…
Some believe the negative repercussions of caffeine solicit regulation while others contest that these issues are not worth worrying about. I believe caffeine should be regulated to certain audiences that have the most risk of health issues. Caffeine is still not fully understood by science and some day science may possibly outweigh either side of the debate. For now, it is up to the individual to moderate their own caffeine intake as well as their children’s. I do not believe the individual is informed enough about the effects of caffeine, therefore it should be regulated or informed of moderation in consumption of caffeine. Being dependant on a drug seems wrong, however maybe we were only taught to feel that way. It is possible caffeine is a positive thing to be dependant on because it can boost productivity. Hopefully in the future we will further understand this mysterious substance that dominates the lives of many through scientific
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