The Negative Effects Of Binge Drinking

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Binge drinking is considered to be the greatest public health issue on American college campuses. My topic focuses on the negative effects of binge drinking among college students. In today’s society, drinking takes place at nearly every college aged social event nationwide. With an increase of social acceptance of drinking, the act of binge drinking increases. Binge drinking is when a person has more than four drinks, if female and five if male, in one sitting. The basis of my research is to find how dangerous binge drinking is and how it negatively affects students now and even later in life. Binge drinking can lead to dangerous decisions such as unprotected sex, substance abuse and driving while under the influence. Smith, Margaret, John…show more content…
This specific study was geared toward students that do not have ties to school promoted athletics, sororities or fraternities. Data shows that of those that have been out drinking in the previous month, the minimum amount of drinks in one sitting was five and the most was a shocking eighteen drinks. Twenty-two students volunteered to participate in this study, but of those, fourteen met the requirement of non-affiliation to sports or social clubs and were considered high risk drinkers. Five major themes were found in this study. The first major theme was that unaffiliated students, regardless of gender, do engage in risky drinking habits. The second theme is that students will “pre-game” before going to a party. “Pre-gaming” is when a person lightly drinks before attending a party where they will then start heavily drinking. The third theme discovered is that students participate in drinking games at these parties, promoting even more drinking. The fourth theme found by Smith, Finneran, and Droppa was consequences. “Some of the worst consequences of a “night out drinking” were hangovers, confusion, embarrassment, vomiting, saying things one should not have, memory loss, medical personnel or police visits, being written up (by a Residence Assistant), emotional consequences and getting out of control” (34). The fifth and final theme that was developed was that in most cases, those that were binge drinking were also using drugs such as marijuana and or other
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