The Negative Effects Of Bilingual Education As A Second Language

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Language may vary reflecting the historic, demographic, economic and political factors unique to a region. While all cultures revolve around a language and all languages are insufficient to fulfill all communicative cultures, bilingual has emerged for the better perception looking towards world. When we learn to speak a different language; we learn to see a bigger world. Bilingual education has become an umbrella to expand into courses in the areas that focuses on the theoretical foundations and methods of language arts often used to refer to “program designed for language minority students.” (Feinberg 1).
In the simplest form bilingual education is a special effort or program intended to help immigrant children learn he second language over
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it is true that being bilingual provide cognitive advantages and creates strong effect on executive function of brain but speaking second language than that of home environment creates a confliction and confusion among the parents and children. It creates a lacks of interaction and communication among them. Since, student/children learn English but their parents are unable speak same, it creates where children encounters inappropriate situation rather than interacting different types of social situations among family and neighborhood. Similarly students lacks the cultural awareness and are supposed to be a victim of convoluted relationship. During a research by a writer from the Los Angeles Times, he found that students stay only in the class where their ethnic group tends or belong and bilingual educators are abandoning classes belonging to multiculturalism. It has been difficult about raising question about bilingual education in part because “the movement has come under intense criticism from conservatives” (Bernstein 58). In schools and at universities even courses that spotlight several ethnic groups trend to treat each group separately. It is concerned that students are not able to celebrate the cultures of others and they believe that their “another group is getting more attention or boycotting another group festivals due to feeling of multiculturalism”, claims

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