The Negative Effects Of Alcoholism

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Over time, alcoholism has been viewed in a multitude of distinct ways. Alcoholism is known as the physical dependence on alcohol, which may start to negatively change the addict’s life. Most people believe that alcoholism is a chronic disease and there are also some whom believe that it is simply an addiction that has gone way too far. Alcohol is a common substance that has been linked to numerous addictions, whether it’s binge drinking, alcohol abuse or the dependence on alcohol. Due to the immense amount of alcohol dependency, it is highly possible that it may in fact be a disease. For this complex disease to be known, it is important that others don’t suffer the harsh effects of alcoholism. The negative effects of alcoholism may lead to…show more content…
In fact, it may be proven that the risk for alcoholism is likely to be inherited if a family member has struggled with alcoholism, “Research shows that the risk for developing alcoholism does indeed run in families.” (Mitchell, par. 4), genetics ultimately explain the high risk of alcoholism in families. It is important to note that it may be a risk for alcoholism to be passed on in families, “genetics make up 50% of the risk for alcohol and drug dependence, not all people who use alcohol and drugs will become addicted” (Wilcox, par. 6), addiction is impacted by many different factors. In addition, lifestyle can play a major role in the inheritance of alcoholism. For example, the amount of stress that may occur in an addict’s life may raise an alcoholic to start drinking, “the amount of stress in your life- may increase your risk for alcoholism” (‘Alcoholism Is”, par. 7), risk is an important risk factor that can be managed. Considering that lifestyle plays a role, it is urgent that families pay attention to what they do around their children because it may affect what their children’s future actions. Genetics may be one of the greatest influential factors of alcoholism, the inheritance of alcoholism is quite complex, but it is clear that alcoholism runs in…show more content…
Choice is one action that everyone does daily, whether it’s a good or bad choice. Alcohol is a depressant that alters the mood, “thoughts alone are enough to rewire the very circuits of the human brain” (Slate, par. 14), alcohol is a substance that damages the brain and thought are just ideas that pop in everyone’s head. There are many types of addictions, such as shopping, gambling, texting and so on, however most of them are harmless, not with drugs and alcohol. When alcohol is constantly consumed it damages the brain, it is highly unlikely that texting can do that to someone. Alcoholism is different from an addiction being that, the addict has gotten so used to the substance that it affects their

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