The Negative Effects Of Alcohol

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Decisions always have a consequence, no matter who the person is that made the decision, decisions affect people’s lives. These decisions normally affect their lives in a negative way, and can cause more harm than good. For example, drinking alcohol has many negative effects on people, whether it be in their lives or their neighbor’s life. Alcohol has many negative effects on people like their health, family life, and safety of others. Alcohol has many terrible effects on a person’s health. Alcohol affects many different parts of the body, but first of all, alcohol affects the brain. A person’s brain is very important, it shows how someone thinks, makes decisions, and controls their body. According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and…show more content…
Another part of the body affected by alcohol is the liver. Alcohol can destroy a person’s liver if they drink excessively for a continual period of time. The liver is a very important organ in our bodies! This organ has two main jobs which include, fighting infections, and breaking down food. The main problem with how alcohol will destroy a person’s liver is because the liver needs water to do its job. Alcohol dehydrates the liver and that is what causes liver problems (Alcohol and Heart disease). It is this obsessive drinking of alcohol that causes liver diseases and even more problems. “In fact, alcohol is a major cause of the 25% increase in deaths from liver disease in England over the last decade (Effects of alcohol). One of the diseases that alcohol causes is cirrhosis. “Cirrhosis is where the scar tissue gradually replaces healthy liver cells” (Christian, Nordqvist). If Cirrhosis has not fully taken over the liver, the liver can repair itself over time. The liver will never be fully healed from the effects of alcohol, though. Alcohol also affects a person’s heart. The heart is a very important organ and needs to be able to pump as much blood as needed throughout…show more content…
Alcohol has been known to tear apart families, because in some cases, a dad has had too many drinks and abuses someone in the family. Whether it be a kid, or a spouse, if they were not intoxicated with alcohol this event could likely be avoided. Alcohol makes the user make rash decisions and decide to do things they would not normally do. For example, a less violent father. A father typically would not beat his children unless they disobeyed him and he would discipline them. But when alcohol is thrown into the mix, then the father might take out all of his anger and stress out on his family members who did nothing against him to provoke him. Alcohol takes away someone’s control and ability to make smart decisions, for this exact reason alcohol can affect families in more than one negative way. One way that alcohol affects the family is the neglect of responsibilities (American Addiction Center ). If an adult is drunk all of the time this will restrict their thinking and actions. Being drunk most of the time, often results in a lot more problems for the family itself. Drinking too much alcohol will more than likely result in a hangover. Hangover’s will cause an adult to not do their job fully, or they would call out and not go to work because the hangover was so bad. Which in turn calling out of work and not showing up to work leads to them either getting fired or quitting a job. Then the parent cannot provide for his
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