The Negative Connotation: The Process Of Deforestation

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In the world today, trees are being destroyed at a far greater rate than they are being planted. People watch as forests that house many animals are annihilated in a few short weeks as if these forests were meaningless. The worse part is that people rejoice that the trees are being removed, because there will be a new building created soon that will open up opportunities for businesses. The people don’t care that animals lost their homes, or maybe they don’t realize it. The same goes for the loss of native species. Again, is it that people don’t care, or do they not realize the destruction they’re doing? Deforestation has a negative connotation, and it should. This is why people decide to instead say they’re “developing” the land. People are…show more content…
The corporation or person buys the land to be “developed” in a few short weeks. In this time frame, everything becomes dirt. The land becomes a wasteland, because it is not longer topsoil that is rich with nutrients for plants to grow, but instead, it is the underlayer. There are no more trees, animals, or even grasses. The trees have most likely been sold to a paper factory. The animals have found residence in nearby places after their homes were destroyed. The grasses have no nutrients or topsoil to root themselves or seeds in. After this ground-breaking stage, the building is created, and then more business flood to the area. Overall, this means more deforestation. Houses are built in the “convenient” area. More people means more businesses want to come to an area. But what does this mean for the environment and people in…show more content…
Deforestation has always been a part of what people do. When people came from England, they had to make room for themselves to live. People cannot completely stop deforestation. The main effects of deforestation is the loss of species and animal habitats. To try to deter from this, people can respect wildlife conservation projects. This means that people can stop trying to tear down forests that have endangered plants or animals in them. People should see to detrimental effects that deforestation can have. Most of all, people need to have a understanding of what global warming is. These ways can help to slow down
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