The Negative Causes Of The Cuban War

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In 1895 Cuba resumed its movement for freedom from Spain, as wide spread reports told stories of the Cuban Civilians suffering due to the Spanish policy of rounding up their civilians and placing them into detention camps. The Struggle of the Cuban people gained the attention of United States, but the explosion on the American Battle ship Maine on February 15, 1898 in Havana Harbor that took the lives of 240 American soldiers is what ultimately called America to demand a cease-fire on the island and the Independence of Cuba. When Spain rejected the plea of ceasing fire and freeing the people President McKinley went to congress and asked that war be declared. The purpose of this war was to gain the freedom and liberty of the Cuban people, to …show more content…

The policy called for the free movement of goods and money but not of the people, the United States banned the migration of the chinses into the country. Thus bringing us to the Negative side of our involvement in this brief conflict. The United States wanted access to the markets and investment possibilities of Asia but not of their people, this pattern came across not only in Asia but in Cuba and Puerto Rico, where they were once welcomed with open arms and hope of brining change and allowing greater access to American market. They only provided their determination to exercise control directly or indirectly. This led to rapid change in the local’s attitudes towards the United States but nowhere more than in the Philippines. The people of the Philippines had long been fighting a war against Spain and in the victory over in Manila Bay, leader Emilio Aguinaldo established a provisional government model after the United States but when President McKinley chose to establish his possession of the island, the people turned against the United States and a second war would be the results of this action. A war that lasted longer than the Spanish conflict and took the lives of more than 100,000 Philippines and 4,200 American soldiers came to ensue. Although

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that cuba resumed its movement for freedom from spain in 1895, as wide spread reports told stories of the cuban civilians suffering due to the spanish policy of rounding up their civilians and placing them into detention camps.
  • Explains that mckinley's war was to gain the freedom and liberty of the cuban people and ensure that the united states had no ill intentions. the little splendid war was centered not in cuba but manila bay in the harbor of philippines island.
  • Describes theodor roosevelt's actions during the most publicized land battle. he was elected to govern new york in 1900 and became vice president to president mckinley.
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