The Negative Case Of Geriatric Abuse

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Geriatric Abuse

Sixty-four pounds and only a fruit peel in her stomach, a deceased woman was found on her couch and had apparently been dead for almost four hours. The Michigan police were called into the home of this elderly woman who had been abused for over five years by her paid, unlicensed caregiver. According MLife Media Group, Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell said, “ I think this case should shock the conscience of a society that values the elderly”(Harris). Geriatric abuse is a real problem because of the damage it does to the elderly is self esteem which is illustrated in decreased appetite and poor overall health. According to the Administration for Community Living
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Types of abuse complaints in the United States nursing homes (2010 NORS data) are seventeen percent financial exploitation, where physical abuse is twenty-nine percent (“Justice”). Studies have showed there are as many as five million elderly people every year being abused in the United States in some form whether that be physical, emotional, financial or any other type (“Justice”). The most common abusers are; your spouse, partner, relative, a friend or neighbor, a volunteer worker, a paid worker, practitioner, or solicitor(“Types”). It is horrible to think that the people individual should trust the most are the ones who are abusing people that are important to them. The abuser may abuse in many different ways. The physical abuse is the most graphic. When an elderly person has bruises, burns, rashes, hair loss, teeth loss, and many more visible signs of physical abuse, we as a society need to take action. The elderly people should not be forgotten in the holes of the system. There is the financial about as well. It is easier than you think for a caretaker to get ahold of private and personal information from the elder. They will have the elderly sign a power of attorney allowing the caretaker to make financial decision. It is very unfortunate that there are people to completely take advantage of this. The caretaker will empty the elders bank accounts out and run up their credit cards and numerous other things before anyone has time to figure it out. Usually when it is discovered it is to late and the elderly person is left with nothing. There is also emotional abuse. Even thou you don’t always recognize the emotional abuse it can be just as devastating to the elderly. This is when the caretaker inflicts mental pain and distress on the elderly person. The caretaker will intimidate, isolate, humiliate the elderly person to try and make them not have a voice for

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