The Negative Aspects of Competition Today

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The Negative Aspects of Competition Today Competition should not be enforced because it makes people feel too much stress and like winning is all that matters, makes the event too intense and no fun, and It makes people feel less skilled and lowers self-esteem. Competition does nothing but bring down a person and cause way too many problems in life. Winning and berating someone else is not all that matters and having fun in the event is. Competition should not be enforced because it makes people feel too stressed and feel like winning is all that matters. “Competition is not inevitable part of human nature, that it causes anxiety and shame, that it creates disabling stress that inhibits performance, and that it fosters aggression and hostility.” (Kohn 1) According to this information it shows just how this hurts people and stresses people way too much. Nobody wants anxiety and shame or stress from just a silly competition. Levine, a clinical psychologist says, “The pressure faced by many children in competitions are leading to an increase in mental health disorders, drug abuse, anxiety and sometimes suicide.”(1) This should open many eyes to see what competition is doing to people. Putting them under way too much that it leads to either physical or mental problems, which is not right. Competition should be taken out of human society obviously when it is coming from a clinical psychologist to do so. “We adults naturally want to insulate our kids from the insanity that awaits them. But are we doing them any favors? Yes, kids have to learn that life is about a lot more than winning and losing. Yet, if we work so hard to cushion them from experiencing loss, when the sting finally finds them, it’s bound to feel more significant... ... middle of paper ... ...d their self-esteem. Competition is not ok in today’s society getting rid of it will help a person feel like winning is not all that matters and lift stress. It will help a person have fun in the event and not make it so intense. It will also help lift up a person’s self-esteem and their self-worth. Taking competition out of our society will make life for each person so much better. Work Cited Page Swidey, Neil, “What happened to losing” Boston Globe (Boston MA) 22, Aug. 2010 BaRBER, Benjamin R. “The lost Art of Cooperation.” Wilson Quarterly Vol. 31, 4 Autumm 2007 Diegmueller, Karen. “The Attack of the (killer?) bees.” Education week. Aug, 7 1996 Oglesby, Amanda. “Parenting in the Age of Competition.” Asbury Park Press. 05 Oct. 2013 Burridge, Elaine, ICIS chemical business. “Striking a Balance” 9/30/2013

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