The Negative Analysis Of Legalizing Marijuana

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In “Legalize Marijuana? Obama Was Right to Say No” by Bernadine Healey is persuasive and credible. Healey facts seem reliable as she is a cardiologist and was at one point the president of the Red Cross. Bernadine Healey was able to persuade her audience with her strong points and giving evidence using logos Pathos ethos. The thesis is that policymakers makers should not legalize marijuana as it would become a great harm to the young people’s health. The main reason she was competent to persuade why marijuana is bad for young people is because scientific research on the bad effects of marijuana, and how it can lead to illness. In addition, Healy was able to be respectful in her counter argument and was still able to influence her audience against marijuana. Throughout the article, Healey gives facts about how harmful marijuana by getting information from the National Institute on drug abuse. The research showed that the psychoactive chemical in weed is harmful to the brain. In an MRI scan, it showed how marijuana disrupts the neural development. In fact marijuana is both physically and…show more content…
Giving good reason for what legalizing marijuana can do for the United States and how we can gain a lot from legalizing marijuana, but she is able to pull back her reader on why you should not be tamped by what good marijuana can do. The author of the article view that the negative effects of marijuana are a huge deal, since marijuana tempers with the human brain and that even though it has its pros, the cons win since it’s more harmful if not use properly or the drug is used to much or use often. As well that we still don’t know that much about marijuana and that there should be more studies on marijuana, since we can still learn more about

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