The Need for Better Supervision of Police Discretion

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There are many controversial issues related to policing. One that sticks out is police discretion. Police Discretion is the exercise of individual choices or judgments that police officers have concerning possible courses of action (Cox, p. 227). Saying that police Discretion needs to be abolished is an unrealistic goal, but better supervision of patrol officers and better departments policies and procedures on the use of discretion is something that we can try to achieve. Police discretion is usually more seen in minor crimes (Ross, p. 98). Minor crimes that are included are seat belt violations, open intoxication, speeding, running a stop sign or red light, and etc. (Ross, p. 96). There are many arguments against the use of discretion in law enforcement. Officers abuse the power of police discretion which can lead to a greater threat in police corrupt. Another is that police officers also only concentrate on going after people of certain ethnicity’s or being bias about a certain crime. A final argument is that there is no uniformed manual to ensure that consistency across the board is achieved. Some people would say that there are plus sides of police discretion. One is that it allows officers the flexibility to handle each situation in a manner that best fits its individual needs. Another argument in favor is that it promotes job satisfactions. Even though there are some good sides to it, it does not out way the negatives. This paper will explain why it needs to be addressed more and corrshow studies and examples of why.

A big argument against police discretion is that it allows officers to abuse it which can lead to a greater threat in police corrupt. Some people say that cops don’t have the slightest idea what could be ...

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...d to do something about the consistency and teaching how far to take it and in certain situations. Also, help officers during training with situations dealing with different ethnicity, social class, and race, because this is where police discretion is used a lot. Watching the video in class we learned that police officers are more likely to arrest someone or charge someone with a crime if they have a different race or if they think the area they are in is a high crime area, some automatically assume that they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing or committing a crime. The zero tolerance policy that was stated above shows that with that it is making progress, I believe that should be used more an With better training and good and better department policies I think that the problem on police discrimination can be better handled and better achieved.
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