The Necessity to Swap Ethnic Profiling for Behavioral Profiling

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Humanity has always strived to become more “civilized”. Whether it was the manipulation of fire, the domestication of animals, the invention of electricity or the exploration of space, the goal has always been to become more advanced than our predecessors. We think of “civilization” as the opposite of “brutality” and we associate the former with peace and the latter with violence. For this reason, we are unable to deem a race that has walked on the moon as a “violent” race. However, “civilization” doesn’t abolish violence it simply removes the individual’s right to be violent and bestows it into the hands of a separate entity (like the military). (Lancaster)
Historically, civilization has demonstrated the greatest degree of violence whenever it felt like it was regressing instead of progressing. When Germany experienced a debt default after World War One, they committed a large-scale atrocity against the Jews, and when imperialism breached the Great Wall of China during the Opium Wars, the Chinese staged the Boxer Rebellion. These civilizations sought out violence in order to resist the institution of (what they thought were) inferior ideals. In the same way, when the South lost the civil war and the government went “colorblind”, the southerners attempted to restore order through the lynching of blacks.
As said by Lancaster in his Journal American Essentialism: White Supremacy and Collective Violence in the United States, “lynching had its genesis in the practice of judicial killing, so does the modern system of capital punishment have its origins in lynching”. Thus, the modern system of capital punishment descends from the southerners attempt to reconstitute the “social order upset by the ostensibly color-blind system of gover...

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