The Necessity of Evil and the Applications of Good in Response

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The Necessity of Evil and the Applications of Good in Response By Trystan Heck Throughout the history of the human race, many people have risen up above the rest to acquire a place in history; either from actions that bring cheers to the mouths of men or whispers of dread and fear instead. Those who deal with the side allying itself with the underworld of society strike, steal, and injure people when it suits them; only stopping when the forces of good rally to fight against them. Infamy is a cause for concern among the innocent and fearful, but without such people in the world, humanity would not have any examples of what is considered wrong, and how to fix and prevent such illustrations evil from happening ever again. Evil has brought upon the world a thorough distribution of justice and law, set in place by the men and woman responsible for stopping the actions of the infamous, and even criminals can turn to the side of good, helping others stop what they themselves did; without them, humanity could not grow as a people, but would remain stagnant and unmoving. The battle of Solferino occurred on June 24, 1859 (The Battle of Solferino). French and Austrian soldiers were pitted against each other in a cacophony of blood and bullets. Three hundred thousand men were slaughtered in the combat, and the number of wounded vastly outnumbered the number of doctors and medics in place to heal others. Because there were not enough supplies for the nine thousand wounded me to survive at Solferino, they were moved to a nearby town; even there they were not able to get enough medical attention for survival to be possible in the case of most. A man by the name of Henry Durant witnessed the aftermath of the battle. He arranged an internationa... ... middle of paper ... ...ould not exist, and without them people would be defenseless against the activities of criminals. Evil can be stopped by the actions of good, but good would never have the examples from which to take the lessons without evil, thus evil is necessary for humanity to grow as a species, and a culture. Works Cited "The Battle of Solferino (24 June 1859)." The Battle of Solferino (24 June 1859). N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014. GENEVA CONVENTION. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2014. "Mary Bell Must Not Disappear." Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 15 Apr. 2003. Web. 09 Mar. 2014. Łobaczewski, Andrzej, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Henry See, and Sandra Celt. Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes. Grande Prairie, AB, Canada: Red Pill, 2006. Print. "Frank Abagnale Biography." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2014.

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