The Necessity of Change

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It was VIP day or very important person day in kindergarten; I had invited my great grandmother (Grandma B) to be my VIP. The day was just taking off and was already off to a great one. Grandma B was my idol through childhood and even today, so I was just excited to spend time with her. We were playing games and becoming more acquainted with one another. We were doing group activities and little competitions with the other pairings of students. Not to brag but we were dominating these tasks. We were on the last worksheet of the day and finished it in no time. For the last half hour of class we were allowed to have free time. Grandma B and I decided that we would try to build something in that last half hour. We started building a skyscraper of sorts and as more groups finished the worksheet they saw our magnificent building and just had to join in. With the end of class approaching we had nearly half of the class either watching or helping build. So with the masterpiece almost built one of the kids nudged the building then it all tumbled down. I was so upset that I refused to help pick up the blocks. Then Grandma B being the wise lady that she was said “When invited somewhere always leave a place better than when you arrived.” This did not make sense to me at the time however it was enough to let me know that I should do what she is telling me. I picked up the blocks and went about my business. Later I understood what that statement meant. This is a perfect example of how something taught to you when you were young can still be valuable throughout your life. The statement my Grandma B said when I was younger has been embedded in my head that even today I will think about it when I am visiting someone or am invited somewhere. Even... ... middle of paper ... ...e. These are great examples of how something in the past has shown us that what we once thought was a good idea needs to be improved in some way. Whether it is getting over a small occurrence that had made you upset or even something that has been accepted for centuries. There are very few if any statements or followings that will never need changing or an upgrading while it is believed in. While these statements could have been helpful as you were growing, as the times advance so should your beliefs. Works Cited Bowlin, Mike. "Quotes for a Better World." Do One Thing. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2014. Washington, George. "George Washington Quotes." Notable Quotes. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 Apr. 2014. Bartkowicz, Helen (Grandma B). Personal interview. Feb. 2000. "Lazy-Ass Nation (sorry about the profanity)." Vanity Fair. Ed. Jim Windolf. N.p., Oct. 2007. Web. 1 Apr. 2014.
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