The Necessity Of Effective Communication

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Before anything, I would like to begin this message thanking you for this article that highlights the necessity of effective communication in the workplace. Reading and analyzing this article has clearly shown me just how valuable it is to have refined communication skills. It is an irrefutable fact that written communication is important to the workplace. Besides verbal communication, written communication is one of the largest means that employees within a workplace communicate to each other. It is for that reason that written communication is so essential to the workplace. Martin Hahn, the author of the article attached in your email, wrote that, “Communication in the life world is truly aimed at finding common grounds between all people involved”. Although Hahn did not specifically address written communication, it is clear that communication and all that it entails is necessary in enabling the transmission of ideas between employees from diverse backgrounds. At times, cultural barriers and former experiences make it difficult for employees to effectively communicate and complete their assigned tasks within an organization. Despite that obstacle, written communication contributes to the flexibility of a firm. The types of written communication that are important in the workplace are emails and letters. Due to the drastic technological advancements, emails have become the primary form of written communication in the workplace. Emails are convenient in the the transmission of information because they allow employees to communicate messages to employers, other employees, and customers in a matter of minutes. Unlike the letter which can take from three to five business days to arrive, emails can sometimes arrive in a few secon... ... middle of paper ... ...types of communication tie into written communication. Although this analysis has solely focused on written communication skills, listening and verbal communication skills are equally as important as the written aspect of communication. These facets go hand in hand in producing a truly effective workplace. If an environment were to lack only one of these aspects, communication would suffer. However, if an environment consistently strives at maintain all three, production will flourish for the benefit of all. Once again, I would like to thank you Professor Blake for taking into consideration my efforts to refine my communication skills. Additionally, I hope you enjoy the article I found related to the article you sent. If you have any questions regarding my analysis, feel free to contact me through my information below. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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