The Nazis' Development of the Final Solution to the Jewish

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The Nazis' Development of the Final Solution to the Jewish Was the final solution always Hitler's invention Well, there is a considerable historical debate between intetionalists, those who believe Hitler always intended this and structuralists, those who believe the final solution arose due to the failure of war time problems. Intensionalists such as Lucy Dawidowicz and Daniel Gold Hagen, believed that Hitler always intended on mass extermination. Hitler's anti-Semitic views began with his long stay, in 1908, when he wanted to be an artist. The mayor, karl luger, was very anti-Semitic. His behaviour reflected on Hitler as when he did not get a job as an artist he blamed it on the Jews. Hitler then quoted in 1919 ' that he wanted complete removal of the Jews. However this quote was ambiguous as removal could mean by exportation or extermination. Then in 1939 Hitler wanted to destroy the Jews due to ww1, following Germany having to sign the armistice on the 8th November in 1918, feeling for the Jews being known as scapegoats. Contrasting that , we have structurailists believing that mass killings of the Jews only happened because of the complications to nazi plans for Jews that became so due to war. In September 1938 Reinhard Heidric, chief of security police and deputy of ss, suggesting if Jews would not leave voluntarily they would be forced to leave .plans for emigration for the Jews had been planned since 1919, however once war broke out in 1939 following the invasion and then complete take over of Poland, Germany then inherited 3.351.000 polish Jews. Hitler planned to immigrate the Jews to Madagascar, but since Britainhad now joined the war, which have control over the seas they disallowed access. Summer of 1940 was the defeat of Franceas Madagascarwas a French colony emigration plans were resurrected. There was also the problem with Palestine, Jews could be transported here, there biblical homeland but this was banned in 1944 due to the war. Hitler's Anti - Semitic views couldn't have been put across by
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