The Navy's Ineffectual Advancement Process

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Selfishness, disrespectful, and indecisive are certain traits that seem to appear more frequently in today’s leadership due to an ineffectual advancement process. The Navy has certain advancement processes such as a standardized test, required quotas to advance, and evaluations that do not accurately reflect the person’s being. Furthermore favoritism plays a big part on the evaluation process by bribery, and furthermore being a sycophant. These rolls and processes are what make the leadership today and should be changed to view more of performance based advancement qualities to increase the effectiveness of today’s leadership. One process that should be changed is the evaluation process of personnel that go up for leadership rolls. Navy evaluations are based on several characteristics such as how many collateral jobs that a person holds, and their ability to perform them. These duties usually interfere with a persons required job, and the work will be handed down to a less fortunate individual to do. Furthermore the process of extra jobs will cause an individual to learn less about their actual job, since they will not be performing the job, and more about impressing the leadership. This is one bullet on the evaluation form that needs to be part of the process change. Along with the collateral duties, another evaluation change that should be changed is in the qualifications residing outside of the normal job. For instance a Navy qualification called the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist may be used as an evaluation incentive by an upper leadership position, which helps the person in the senior position to get recognized. This will help an evaluation work towards a better spot between peers, but will also help that s... ... middle of paper ... ...he job in several years, would sit in an office and think if questions that pertain to a publication that is not used too often. Another instance may occur where the material references to another job field that involves some relation to that person’s job. Usually the test consists of information that pertains to another side of a persons job that other personnel would usually do. For instance a Navy IT’s job usually consists of electrical engineering with radio communications and computer science for computer networking. An IT may be asked about radio communications when they usually work on computers. Usually for that reason the test are normally more difficult than it should be. The placement test is usually the barrier between letting someone who is not good at being a leader jump ahead, while the person that is good at his job will fail and not advance.

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