The Navajo People and Their Environmental Concerns

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The Navajo People and Their Environmental Concerns


This nation was built on the foundation that “All Men are Created Equal.” Under the eyes of God, no man is better than another. This has held our nation together and forced us to exist interdependently. We are fortunate to live in a nation that possesses such a wealth of diversity. It makes our nation unique and gives people the opportunity to learn about the beauty of culture. However, history has shown us that not all have embraced diversity. For this reason, civil rights movements have long been a part of our history. Citizens of this country recognize key figures in Civil Rights movements such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez who have promoted diversity and fought for equality. However, how many know the civil rights leaders of the Native American? How much is the Native American part of mainstream culture? Why have the Native Americans undergone a systematic exclusion from this country and why have their populations diminished? The original inhabitants of this land are the Native Americans. The land was taken from them in an unjust and cruel fashion that history books refuse to acknowledge. Their culture is based on social systems that are highly complex and their diversity is richer than one can imagine. There are over 500 federally recognized tribes and nations, including 200 Native villages in Alaska . Regardless of the past, they are here in the present. In this essay, I will focus on the Navajo tribe, also known as Dine’(di-NEH: Navajo for the people) and their contributions to their own environmental policy. I hope to shed light upon the Native American culture and Navajo tribe and their contributions to this nation and t...

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...ures are rapidly improving with help from the Gates Foundation . Education is improving slowly. More Navajos are attending college with the introduction of Tribal Community College. While history books continue to leave out the injustices of the Native American, their strength and beauty will continue to exist. Soon, the nation will know the story of the Native American. The Navajo people are one of five hundred, each one with a story as unique as the Navajo. Much information exists about the history of the Native American. Few know it. Less understand it. The United States needs to strive for the teaching and education of the Native American culture. With this education, diversity will be embraced. The Native Americans were the first inhabitants of this land. We are only guests among these people. We should have the common decency to know our hosts.

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