The Nature of Man

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Throughout ages, people have argued about the nature of man, and the complexity of this matter. According to various studies as well as ideas of major writers and philosophers, man is naturally born good. However, society and environmental factors determine if one will remain this way or become evil. When one is born, they are naturally good, but their environment and interactions with people from their very early ages determine whether or not they will develop a sense of badness throughout their life. According to a study conducted by Kiley Hamlin, Karen Wynn and Paul Bloom at the Psychology Department of Yale University, even infants that cannot speak have the ability to differentiate between civilized behavior and savage behavior, and “agree” with the civilized behavior in their own way. In the experiment above, three puppets were presented to nineteen different babies (all three puppets had distinct colors, easy for the babies to differentiate) in an attempt to realize whether or not babies are oriented towards good or bad individuals. During the experiment, initially, a puppe...

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