The Nature of God Essay

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During Genesis 6-9, the wrath of God is felt by all of humanity through God’s flooding or purification of the earth. Only Noah, a righteous man in the eyes of God, is saved. For through Noah God saw a saviour for His creation. As when humanity started to expand, and became larger He began to see man’s wickedness was spreading, and because of this evil He needed to flush the Earth of all those who had done or will do wrong/evil. Throughout this part of Genesis God is seen as possessing the nature of being vengeful, and destructive, however right in his actions. Concluding that humanity is evil at heart, violent, and corrupt, yet deserving of grace, in the end God realises that destruction of his creation is not the answer, instead entering a new covenant with Man, symbolised by the rainbow (Ch. 9, v 11 – 16).
The initial idea throughout Chapter 6 is that God is destructive when he is required to be, and possesses no forgiveness towards those who decide to turn to evil unless they change themselves. Only then will they be forgiven. However, God did not take this action to be or become something of evil to those who were innocent in their wrong, He carried through this effort to purify the Earth of the corruption which was spreading throughout man. For he wants to correct the wrong and make man “Good”. Man was too spread-out, as well as corrupt, the only option left to God was to do as he did, flush man from the Earth and save those who he saw as worthy to re-establish Man. And so through this Chapter we see the vengeance and determination of God, to be right in being in such emotion, as His creation had become corrupt. However, this is a clear indication that God isn’t always a man of forgiveness and life, for he must possess both g...

... middle of paper ... with the settling and continuation of Noah and his sons, for through God he knows that his words are true. From this chapter we see God change to be forgiving to man in giving him reign over everything, thus giving him the nature of a merciful God.
In summary, God is seen as two very different personalities, one which strikes with evil and the other filled with forgiveness and caring. This brings contradictions to the various parts of the story, depending on those who interpret it. However overall he is seen as being like any normal leader, for you need to possess and do evil to be able to create something which is both rewarding and better. Throughout this passage of the Bible God possesses righteousness and purposeful characteristics in his nature, whereas Man is seen as evil and corrupted, and yet, at the moment of destruction, redeemable and capable of faith.
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