The Natural World, Human Relationships And Culture In Biblical Worldviews

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The objective is to outline the different aspects of the natural world, human identity, human relationships and cultures in biblical worldviews.

Introduction/Thesis A worldview is how everyone sees the world. A Christian biblical worldview pertains to the ideas and beliefs of a Christian group, individual or culture having different worldviews. It can shape moral opinions and affect what is believed about God, social structures, relationships, economics, politics and education. This is how people understand the world, by using their own set of principles to guide them in everyday functions of living. People behave according to their worldview but most would not recognize this behavior in themselves. We each have our own picture
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The Bible is not just a book of revelation; it is the only true connection that shows us who God is. Without Him, there is nothing that could possibly exist without His hand in the life of every creature and the breath of mankind (Job 12:7). We can see the power of life by lifting our eyes, looking up to the heavens, and seeing the variety of life all around us which clearly was not placed here by mankind. By believing in the Bible and all its truths, we are allowing the scripture to be the foundation of all we do and say. The natural world is our home; a natural place of environment where we live, a place that will always be scrutinized by unbelievers but never proven to be untrue, but yet they still try. “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). Biblical worldviews on the natural world confess the belief that God makes himself known by attributes and character within His creations. Worldviews are not based on two or three opinions, truths or principles, but on our way of life. William Hasker, in his book Metaphysics, Constructing a World View, suggests that “nothing begins to exist without a cause and through our convictions we bring experience rather than
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