The Natural Causes Of Global Warming

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What is blue, green, and sustains an environment for living organisms to live? The answer is Earth; the planet of life where plants, animals, and humans breathe in the oxygen that comes from the atmosphere; knowing that we depend on oxygen to survive, preserving the atmosphere should be important enough to take care of it; sadly Earth is going through a global problem that is putting the atmosphere and the whole Earth in danger; that problem is called Global Warming. Global warming is used to describe increases in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans; therefore this change is believed to be rapidly changing the Earth’s climate. Global warming not only changes the atmosphere, it changes the agriculture, energy, insurance…show more content…
Natural causes are Earth’s orbital tilt, which varies between 22 to 25 degrees around every 41,000 years which could cause the atmosphere of the Earth to fluctuate and temperature to rise. A natural cause of global warming is volcanic eruptions from volcanoes which release huge amounts of carbon dioxide, dust and debris into the atmosphere. Another natural cause is the sun’s activity which increases the planet’s temperature through sunspots and solar flares. According to Nathan Brown, “Solar radiation levels can have some impact on the Earth’s climate” (Brown). As radiation levels vary towards Earth, Earth’s climate changes and it affects the resources, environment and atmosphere. In the article, Global Warming, Global Warming, “When the Sun’s energy is at its peak, temperatures in both the lower atmosphere and the upper atmosphere become warmer” (Global Warming, Global Warming). As the sun’s energy raises so does the atmosphere temperature which allows for the change of weather on the planets in atmosphere. Wetlands and swamps release methane into the atmosphere which allows for trapping of the sun’s heat in the atmosphere which leads to global warming. Natural causes of global warming allow for glaciers, ice caps to melt, which can lead to rising sea levels which threatens the sea levels near the coast. In the article, Natural Hazard, Global Warming, “Water vapour in the form of clouds can either cool the Earth’s surface by blocking the sun’s rays, but can also increase the temperature of the Earth’s surface by acting as an insulating blanket” (Natural Hazard, Global Warming). Water vapour is one of the natural causes that happen when clouds are formed and it can either help relieve the global warming process or it can harm the atmosphere and increase global warming. These are the reasons natural causes affect global warming and how much it increases the temperature of the

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