The National Slavery Museum Will Be Built

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The National Slavery Museum will be built is resemblance of a southern plantation. Since this museum focuses mainly on American slavery, which would primarily be held within the south, a plantation would be customary for many slaves. The plantation will be as traditional as possible to give our guests the best scenic view and understanding of what that time would be and look like. The building itself will be white with blue shutters on the big windows surrounding the plantation and great oak trees planted in front. The building will be five stories tall; quite larger than a typical plantation since it is indeed a museum. The foyer will be built to awe with two levels, marble flooring, a charming chandler, décor to fit that era and a beautifully large stairwell leading to each floor and reaching to the top. The first level of the front room will hold guest services/ticket sales and Restrooms, while the upper floor will hold all the extra amenities. This will include a children’s play area, theater room showing the production and history of the museum and Mama’s Kitchen where wonderful home cooked meals will be served to order. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women has offered to help the museum with monthly upkeep, as well as the offer to host a local fundraising walk each year to raise support for the museum. As guests begin the tour on the fifth floor, they will be led in groups between 10-20 members by a wonderful tour guide. The tour will start at the top where the furthest point of slavery history began and they will work their way down to the bottom where slavery was abolished. The tour begins with an introduction to African history, culture and background. Then the guests will be led to a room where slavery within Africa will be... ... middle of paper ... ...enry “Box” Brown, William Still, and many more will be presented in this room. The purpose of this hall will be to end the journey in a positive way by having wax life-sized figures of each slave and videos of the significant events or moments those slaves were known for. Though the journey may be long, it’s goal is not just to inform its guests, but to also engage them and dive them into history. As a child, the museums I still remember to this day, are the ones that engaged its visitors. I may not have realized the importance of everything I was learning at the time, but I look back and understand now the significance of the things I learned and enjoy the idea of returning. My ultimate objective is that; for guests to enjoy the National Slave Museum and remember the things they learned here but also for them to wish to return anytime they are in the neighborhood.

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