The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Loss of Privacy

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It is eminent that while you are checking you email or going through social network there is

an organization that is monitoring everything, from your conversations to your search history

just to determine the kind of person that you are for then investigate you more in deep; the

responsible for this is an organization called: National Security Agency (NSA) is a government

organization that provides with intelligence to protect the security aspects of classified

documentations, surveillance, and overall the security of the USA intelligence agenda. Recently

the NSA has been involved in controversial accusations of privacy. Given to the release of top

secret documentation from Edward Snowden who was working at the NSA at the time, leaked

deliverable top documentation about a secret project called prism which, is a software that

supposedly gathers data of potential threads to the security of the USA by recording and

gathering conversations and important information from the internet.

Despite of that there are many benefits to it for example, the ease of mind of the population

of the USA and the world, as well as the prevention of possible terrorist attacks and crimes.

However, the disadvantages of it are the lack of privacy of individuals and the violation of their

rights, the distrust of the population towards their government and the internet as well as the

total monitoring of any activity performed via internet which, could lead into inter conflicts.

In addition the International relations can be damaged as countries begin to suspect on each

other for probable spying. The compromising image of the countries that are performing the

spying activities can be at stake for the violation of international laws and the trespassing of the

privacy of those countries, within those aspects the policies and trades between countries

could be affect.

The internet represents a learning tool free of restriction for the developing world. The

monitoring and the violation of your privacy means a less effective tool for learning and distrust

towards the internet.

Computer base security systems have been changing very much lately because most of the

information now a days its transported by internet, for that reason the computer base

espionage has become more strong and more dangerous.

Recently there have been problems with the interns of the NSA, one of them is Edward
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