The National Security Agency

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The National Security Agency was originated, as a unit to decipher code communications during World War I. It is an old and one of the largest US intelligence organization. It operates under the Department of Defense and reports to the Director of National Intelligence. Its responsibility is to guard the US Government Communication and Information system. It accomplishes its mission by bugging electronic systems, using subversive software for sabotaging and intercepting phone conversations and Internet communications of people. Even the financial transactions between banks, all over the world were accessed by the US Government through SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions).

The activities of the NSA should be looked upon positively because moves to decrease the NSA’s ability in favor of our liberties will compromise our safety. The lesser information NSA has, the President is likely to make wrong decisions risking the safety of Americans. So the greater the bulk of information the better decision would be forthcoming. It would not be wise to decrease the power of the NSA, doing so would encourage the individuals or groups that mean harm to Americans. Liberty and security are inversely proportional. Extra security always comes at the expense of liberty. To protect privacy, to reduce discomfort would mean more exposure to large security breaches. That’s what we don’t want.

The invasion of an individual’s privacy may be embarrassing due to interaction of phone calls and computer users. But the NSA cannot legally use information it has gathered by surveillance to deprive any person of his rights without a justifiable cause. For example, if you a drug dealer or a petty thief and NSA knows about tha...

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...nies with the fear that their data could be intercepted. This damages the industry, business and consumer as well.

NSA has both pros and cons as we saw above. Personally speaking, I feel that NSA should continue its service. Our safety comes before our liberty. Would you prefer dying or prefer protecting your data? NSA surveillance is for our own safety. Media is just creating hype and making it a big scene. People should understand that NSA is just collecting your data, not listening to your phone conversations nor reading your texts. They just look into people with alarming behavior. If you’ve done nothing wrong, you don’t need to worry. Looking at their previous record, they have managed to stop 42-50 terrorist plots. Just imagine that if there were no NSA, we would have 42-50 attacks like that of 9/11’s. People need to see that the positive aspects of the NSA.
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