The National Media's Biased Coverage of Obamacare

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) has a goal to expand coverage, control healthcare costs, and improve the health care delivery system. Being one of the last wealthy countries without a universal healthcare plan, the website launch of on October 1, 2013 was supposed to be a ground breaking event in the fact that The United States government was moving towards a healthcare system where private insurance companies would have government implemented regulations and subsidides to ensure universal coverage and non-dicrimination; however, this change was soon seen as an international concern. The Republican opposition, in an effort to stop the program, is expanding what was once a national uncertainty of the program into a worldwide debate by focusing on the failed website launch and civilian difficulties of actually enrolling for health insurance. Both conservative and liberal news sources in The United States report on the same information leading up to the website glitches, but twist the facts, using logical fallacies, in favor of their political views which only furthers international concern involving Obamacare and its future in America. The differing of opinions and often rivalry between the political parties in The United States is known to everyone. Their news stations have the same information but it is shared with the people in accordance to their views. Fox News released an article titled “Emails Show Officials Warned of Obamacare Website ‘Crash’ in July” which gives in detail the concerns between the project manager Henry Chao and government officals of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services; however, a more liberal news article published by David Morgan in the Huffin... ... middle of paper ... .... Works Cited “White House officials were warned of Obamacare glitches” Web. 25 November 2013 Shear, Michael D., and Robert Pear. "Obama Admits Web Site Flaws on Health Law." New York Times 21 Oct. 2013. Web. 25 November 2013 “Emails show officials warned of ObamaCare website 'crash' in July” Web. 26 November 2013 Morgan, David. “Obamacare Report: Obama Administration Knew About Health Care Law's Rollout Risks Last Spring” Nov. 19. 2013 Web. November 26 2013 “Man Who Understands 8% Of Obamacare Vigorously Defends It From Man Who Understands 5%” Sep. 26. 2013. Web. 26 November 2013 “The Obamacare software mess” The Economist Oct. 12. 2013 Print. Hiltzik, Michael. “Oops! John Boehner's Obamacare stunt backfires” LA Times Nov. 22. 2013. Web. 26 November 2013.

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