The National Guard Set Up Morgues All Throughout The City

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In virtually no time, whole neighborhoods were engulfed in water. Due the rapid flooding, numerous residents became stranded, and could be seen on the roofs of buildings across the city. A neighborhood TV channel reported New Orleans was encountering broad flooding due to levee damage, clean water was scarce, and the city was electrically deficient and was estimated to last for weeks. At day’s end, the Mayor of New Orleans described the considerable death toll with reports of bodies floating on the water throughout the city. The National Guard set up morgues all throughout the city. Coordination of rescue efforts days to come were hard due to lack of communication. Telephones and internet access became nonfunctional due to line breaks or power failures. Often, reporters were asked to brief public officials on the conditions in areas where information wasn’t reaching them. All local television stations and newspapers were quickly relocated, as broadcasting and internet became an essential method of distributing information to evacuees and the rest of the world for reports of what was occurring in the city. (Silverman) Most of the city 's major roads were heavily damaged with the only route out of the city being Crescent bridge. The I-10 Bridge suffered severe damage; scaffolding was broken off from the bridge, and some were totally severed and fell into the lake below.[26] Reports came followed that most of the windows on the north side of the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans had been blown out, and many other high rise buildings had extensive window damage.[28] The Superdome sustained significant damage, including two sections of the roof when waterproof membrane had, essentially, been stripped off by high winds. The day after, the ... ... middle of paper ... ...these residual waters contained a mix of raw sewage, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals, and oil, which sparked fears in the scientific community of massive numbers of fish dying. (Sheikh) Final reports indicate that the official death toll totaled 1,464 people.[37] On September 4, the Mayor speculated that the death toll could rise as high as ten thousand after the clean-up was completed.[38] Some survivors and evacuees reported seeing bodies lying in city streets and floating in still-flooded sections. There were six deaths confirmed at the Superdome; four from natural causes, one resulting from drug overdose, and one from suicide. At the Convention Center, four bodies were recovered, one believed to result of a homicide.[39] Body collection throughout the city began September 9, but prior to, locations of corpses were recorded, but not retrieved.

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