The National Debt Of The United States Of America

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The National Debt of The United States of America
The United States National Debt is trillions of dollars in “the hole”. The debt continues to rise, therefore the country is surrendering to poverty. Because of this loss, the future incomes and living standards shall be reduced. (Agresti) America`s future welfare is at stake because it`s climbing debt is not slowing down. It may also cause increasing taxes, which could quite possibly lead to inflammation. (Agresti) If the debt does not cease, it will double from what it was previous to President Barack Obama`s inauguration. (Boyer) It must stop before America is in poverty.
There are a seemingly infinite amount of causes to the unanswered disease of The United States National Debt, some of which can be cured. One of the major causes of this problem is extra Government social spending. (Agresti) The Government wastes money on extra activities such as football, basketball, and various other pastimes. Instead of paying athletes large sums of money, the pay could instead go to some major world crisis, such as The National Debt. Community services are also a factor in this. The cost to uphold such programs is very taxing on The United States of America. Economic affairs also take part in this cause. Public transportation uses non-renewable resources that cost a lot of money to obtain in large quantities. Agriculture, though being a small dent, has an effect on the debt as well. This is unlike the millions spent on energy. Although it is a necessity for “modern” life, the maintaining of power is an expensive feat. The final major artifact of Social Spending is space exploration. Large organizations such as NASA spend billions of dollars building, maintaining, and flying rocket ships. Th...

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...ery month. The Government also should spend less money on useless things, such as supporting other countries. If the Government could stop supporting small countries that would be lacking as allies, they may be able to support themselves and grow the country to become more powerful as a whole. These are but a few of the many possible ways to repair The United States National Debt. There are many other plausible theories but they are less realistic according to the way the Government works.
In conclusion, The United States National Debt is trillions of dollars in “the hole”. America`s wealth is lacking as the debt is a growing problem. If we are unable to solve this rubix cube of a crisis, America may never regain its former splendor. This gigantic debt must be solved in order to restore wealth to the nation as a whole. The debt`s onslaught rises in vast numbers daily.
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