The NCAA Should Pay Student Athletes

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Did you know college athletes on average practice 43.3 hours a week while participating in a sport of their choice? College athletes have rigorous schedules not only do they have to practice at their best ability every day at practice, but have to make sure their grades are up to par. Juggling school and sports is not just tough it is very time consuming. With a very long and physically tough schedule these athletes do not have time to look for jobs much less have a job. Although they might not have a job they do make tons of money, but not one cent goes to these athletes. How you ask, these athletes make billions for the NCAA and millions for their respective schools, with apparel, merchandise and television contracts that would break the bank. The NCAA should pay student athletes because the money these athletes make for their school far outweighs the money the schools invest in the athletes.

An average day for a college athlete consists of morning practice, morning weights, school, study hall and practice. That is quite a schedule; professional athletes do not even have such a dense schedule. Morning weights for athlete are a usual thing but it is still tough, exhausting and grueling. After weights they now become a full time student, they go to school almost every day. In Howard’s article he states “Unlike professional athletes college student-athletes deal with the pressure to excel academically to remain eligible and work towards receiving their college degree” (Howard 1). That is a lot of stress on one young man’s shoulders juggling sports and school at the college level; it is not high school where a teacher holds your hand. Once these athletes are done with school they have study hall where they get help fro...

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...r a shoes. Give them enough money to let them go out and do some fun stuff. What should happen is they should give these athletes a set amount of money to the student-athlete no one gets more and no one should get less.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that college athletes practice 43.3 hours a week while participating in their chosen sport. juggling school and sports is time consuming, and athletes make billions for the ncaa and millions for their respective schools.
  • Analyzes how howard's article states that college student-athletes deal with the pressure to excel academically to remain eligible and work towards receiving their college degree.
  • Explains that student athletes don't get paid because they're labeled amateurs, but they practice just as hard as professional athletes. they get hurt, tired, and stressed just like a professional.
  • Argues that the fallacy of the "student-athlete" moniker grows more egregious as the ncaa revenue from the tourney reaches astronomical heights.
  • Analyzes how college athletes are paying in themselves and don't lose any money. they are doing their school a favor by playing for their respective schools.
  • Analyzes how the ncaa wastes money on scholarships, but the money goes back to the school for a higher pay raise.
  • Analyzes how the ncaa makes a ton of money off of athletes' hard work, but the athletes can't sell items that were given to them by the school.
  • Explains that many people believe that athletes should not be paid, and that they get top-of-the-line training from the school which allows them to be physically prepared to play professionally.
  • Opines that the issue of college athletes living below the poverty line will remain a hot topic until something is resolved from both sides.
  • Analyzes how boiler, drew, is it time to pay college athletes? nytimes.
  • Opines that the ncaa should pay for play. gowsky, dirk.
  • Opines that march madness: a trip to the final four is worth $9.5 million.
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