The Mythology Of Norse Mythology

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Norse Mythology Mythology is a staple in many different cultures, and holds different meanings for different people. In Northern Europe, many worshipped the gods found in Norse mythology, especially the Viking people. In this mythology these gods created the world and humankind, living in the world tree Yggdrasil. Many important characters play vital roles in these mythologies, but one name appears more often than others, Loki. Loki and his children play many roles in Norse Mythology, such as his daughter serving the dead in Hel. Not falling in battle and going to Hel is a fate many warriors did not wish; yet one which befell one of their most beloved gods. Loki and his children are also destined to bring about the end of all things, called Ragnarök. Norse mythology is filled with lively tales, from its creation to its destruction. The beginning of the creation of the world began with The Void, called Ginnungagap. When the fires from Muspelheim, the realm of fire, mixed with the ice and toxic rivers of Niflheim, this created the first form of life. From The Void came the giant Ymir, who descended the race of giants. Ymir’s cow than licked the salt of Ginnungagap and unearthed Buri, whose children were Odin, Vili, and Ve. Together Odin, Vili, and Ve killed Ymir and from his body created the world. His flesh became the earth, the rocks from his bones, lakes and seas from his blood, and plants and trees from his hair. The realm of humans was created from Ymir’s eyelashes. Odin, Vili, and Ve then created mankind from a log of driftwood, and named them Ask and Embla. Odin gave them breath and life, Vili gave mankind consciousness and movement, and Ve gave them faces, speech, hearing, and sight. From Ask and Embla descended the huma... ... middle of paper ... ...l sink into the ocean. However Ragnarök will not be the end of all things. Eventually a new age will dawn, where the crops will grow and, the children of the old gods will rebuild Asgard. Mankind will be repopulated by two new people, Lif and Lifthrasir So the circle of mythology goes, from its creation unto its destruction. Norse mythology is rich and detailed, filled with poetic sagas and epic tales. This is but a sample of the beliefs once held by many people of Northern Europe. There are a wide cast of characters told in tales that have not been mentioned, and hold their own stories. There are also many more tales about Loki, and his various children and, how they affect the realms and gods. Norse mythology has been adapted onto many books, movies, and even comics. All mythology is and interesting, and insightful way to further understand the people of the past.

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