The Mythology Of Deafness

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Mythology “Throughout history and right up until maybe the 1950s, hearing people believed deafness to be so terrible it had to be "cured" in any way imaginable, even if the cure risked bodily harm.”1 To read this is sad, the way that the hearing people use to look at the deaf and the sad thing is some people still look at them as handicap. To know that the hearing parents or hearing people in general would try to heal their children, friends, siblings and...etc and be willing for possible harm to their physical body so they can hear, is outrages. Here are few mythologies that the parents or people in general would try to do to heal the Deaf, “Stick a twig in the ear and keep it there all day and night until the deafness is cured...Climb up very, very high then suddenly jump down. The sharp fall will restore the hearing...Let yourself be hypnotized; when you come out of it, you will hear again...Use any of a number of drugs or herbs to restore hearing...Cell salts and mineral products for treating deafness.”2 Take a look at the…show more content…
Into later on in life, “Beethoven started to lose his hearing when he was a young man...Beethoven tried many cures and devices, such as ear trumpets, to improve his hearing they did not work...In his frustration and despair, he thought about killing himself...Even as he struggled to hear, Beethoven began to accept his deafness.”10 When Beethoven became deaf he was struggling to see the point of life. Praise God that there is a God who cares about us and who is always there for us. Even though Beethoven was Deaf, “He continued to write music, and many people feel that some of his best music was written after he became deaf.”11 People who are Deaf can do just as much as hearing people
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