The Mystery Of The Hard Drive Murder Mystery

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How did the Hard Drive Murder Mystery happen? There are many theories about what actually occurred on this memorable day. There was a college student living in his home. He let in someone he knew, and that person proceeded to kill him and steal his hard drive with his schoolwork on it. The facts are that the two people walked in through the door, the owner of the hard drive was murdered and the hard drive was stolen. Also, it seems as though schoolwork was taken by a student from another student. It seems as though this was a one-man job, but there is no guarantee. My opinions on the theories surrounding the specific of the murder, the motive and identity of the murderer and how the evidence supports the case will be discussed and scrutinized…show more content…
It seems as though the intruder did not bring a weapon and instead used the vase right beside the resident. Since he did not bring a weapon, I do not think the intruder planned on killing anybody. Once the resident is killed, the intruder goes after what he came for: the hard drive. He looks through the papers on the desk with his bloody hands, and finally finds the hard drive case. He takes it out and puts it away. He then exits the same way he came, leaving the body. Since he did not think he would kill anybody, the murderer doesn’t think to move the body. So, he leaves the body and the rest of the evidence behind. Finally, since he did not want the blood to get in the hallways, the murderer broke through the window. The window was broken with a heavy object. It could be broken with a big rock or just an elbow. However, there is no rock left behind in the room, so we know he didn’t throw the rock into the room. We do not know if the room was on the ground floor, or if the resident had a second floor and slept up there. If it was just a one level home,it would be easy for the intruder to get a rock and hit it against the window, or to just use his…show more content…
Since there is also an evident theft along with the murder, the motive is clear. The murderer wanted the hard drive desperately, and was willing to kill for it. However, what could have been on this hard drive? Why would he want it so bad that he would kill for it? Since, someone was killed for it, we know that the hard drive was vitally important. Hard drives contain all of the data on a computer, so they can hold a lot of information. The hard drive could have information that contains government secrets, or classified information of a business. The hard drive had research papers next to it, so I think this was a dorm room that is on the first floor. It is likely that the intruder was stealing schoolwork from the victim. College schoolwork can be very overwhelming sometimes, and it is not far fetched to believe that someone would kill for a hard drive full of schoolwork. Although this is probably what happened, this does not happen often. If there was a murder over schoolwork, it would be national news. There would be arguments about the level of stress caused by school. After all, it caused a student to kill another student. There would probably be education reform, probably named after the victim. The police would walk in the home, see all this evidence and be able to gather a motive and how the murder
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