The Mysterious Life of Edgar Allan Poe

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There are different types of reading. There are novels, nonfiction works and tons of different genres. But, some people like a story that is short and to the point; Edgar Allan Poe is an author who can provide that. Although he had a rough life, Poe worked very hard to become the skillful author that is known today. Some people like horror stories and others like romances. Edgar Allan Poe is a widely accepted poet and author. He is known for his sullen horror stories and all of the tragedies in his life. Two of his most known stories are “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Fall of the House of Usher.” At first, the stories seem like they have nothing in common. After analyzing the stories, they actually have quite a bit in common.
Poe’s childhood was full of tragedies and disappointment. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston (“A Short Biography of Edgar Allan Poe”). His mother's name was Elizabeth and his father was David. Edgar's father, David, disappeared in 1810. He was probably an alcoholic. In 1811, his father had abandoned the family (“Edgar Allan Poe: Childhood”). Elizabeth Poe was left alone with two-year-old Edgar, his older brother Henry, and his sister Rosalie, an infant. And things got even worse soon after. On December 8, 1811 Elizabeth died of tuberculosis in Richmond, Virginia where her theater company was performing. Shortly after, news arrived that David had also died of the same disease within days of his wife. The three Poe children were all sent to live with different families. Edgar's brother Henry was sent to David's family in Baltimore. Edgar and his younger sister Rosalie stayed with their mother. Edgar and his sister, Rosalie, were taken by two families from Richmond. The families were the Alla...

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