The My Lai Massacre - Vietnam War

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On March 16, 1968 a terrible massacre occurred at My Lai, called The My Lai Massacre. The following massacre should have never happened and the event's that followed the massacre are typical of any American wrongdoing. That's why it wasn't in my US History book. They covered it up and the people involved in the massacre received no punishment except for one soldier.

My US History book: The Story of America Volume 2 doesn't even touch on this dark moment in US history. The closest that they come to my topic is the eight pages about the Vietnam War. Within these pages they talked about Nixon being elected to presidency in 1968. He received 43 percent of the popular vote only 1 less than Humphrey. He sought to please the middle class income voters and people who were neither radicals nor reactionaries. The middle class was worried about the high taxes and rising prices. So Nixon concentrated on ending the inflation, he ordered a wage-and-price freeze for 90 days. In this 90 days he set up a special committee to supervise wages and prices. Then announced guidelines to place maximum limits on future increases in wages and prices. This did slow down inflation. Another key point was Vietnamization that was the idea to remove American troops and put South Vietnamese troops in instead. At the start of the Vietnam War there were over 540,000 American troops in Vietnam and by spring 1970 there were under 430,000 American troops there. Nixon planed to pull out another 150,000 men within a year. But then Nixon became a hypocrite by sending American troops to Cambodia to destroy bases being used by North Vietnamese (Volume 2 The Story of America 535-538). That is the summery of what else occurred ...

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... Story of America 1865 to Present. Austin: Holt, Rinehart and Wiston, Inc., 1992.

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